Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Katorga Works Release: Glue - Self Titled 7" + West Coast Tour

Artist: Glue
Album: Self Titled 7"
Release: 2014
Label: Katorga Works/Video Disease


1. Enemy
2. Backwards Society
4. Disgrace

Greetings! We here at Katorga Works are announcing a new release. This time, the debut 7" from Austin hardcore punk band Glue. This is a split release with Video Disease and is in conjunction with Glue's first west coast tour (dates posted below). Here is the description:

"Following up an endlessly-praised demo is certainly a feat in today's fickle world of hardcore punk, but Austin, TX's Glue pulls it off with aplomb with the band providing us with a slab of classic USHC that improves upon the tremendous promise of the aforementioned demonstration. Living in the darkness, sleeping in the light, Glue's in the city gonna run the night."

The band will have tour test press copies of this on tour and, in a week or two, the 7" will see official release!

Here are the dates we promised above:

July 13th - Phoenix with Vexx, Gay Kiss, and Destruction Unit at Crescent Ballroom
July 14th - Phoenix at Double Nickels Collective
July 15th - Fullerton
July 16th - San Diego
July 17th - Santa Monica w/ Deadbeat, Ausencia, Stupid Life, New Brigade at Almost Holden Collective
July 18th - Bakersfield w/ Stupid Life, Doses, Gas Rag, and Blazing Eye at Munoz Gym
July 19th - Oakland w/ Replica, Shitstorm, Holly Hunt, Puberty Wounds at World Rage Center
July 20th - Portland
July 21st - Seattle w/ New Gods at the Black Lodge
July 22nd - Vancouver w/ Snob, Goms, and Oaf
July 23rd - Olympia w/ Gag and Convict
July 24th - Day Off
July 25th - Eureka at the Ink Annex
July 26th - Oakland w/ Savageheads, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, and Blazing Eye
July 27th - Matinee in Los Angeles with Savageheads, Disapproval, and The Coltranes at El Sereno Skatepark
July 27th - Los Angeles w/ Savageheads and Sadicos at E 7th
July 28th - Day Off
July 29th - El Paso
July 30th - Marfa

They'll be updated as the tour goes on, as the band hasn't sent me a fully updated itinerary yet!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Upcoming KW release preview: Ivy 12"

We here are Katorga Works are proud to announce to the debut 12: of NYC's Ivy, one of the best new hardcore punk bands from here. Here's a preview track:

This record is slated for release on August 1st in conjunction with their tour of the eastern half of the United States.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Katorga Works Release: Institute - Giddy Boys 7"

Artist: Institute
Album: Giddy Boys 7"
Release: 2014
Label: Katorga Works


1. Giddy Boys
2. Success
3. Fate In A Pleasant Mood

Greetings! Finally, the debut Institute 7" is ready. Here's the description:

"Austin, TX's Institute delivers this stunning debut single highlighting their superior brand of punk heavily inspired by anarcho and post-punk greats. Taking obvious cues from bands such as Crisis with hints of Public Image Ltd., and even the Partisans, the band has delivered on the potential of their much-hyped demo cassette. Success!"

Download Here
Buy Here

We also have a huge distro update with the following items:

-Stone Dagger - Siege of Jerusalem 7" restock
-Ajax - new Teaser Tape
-Savageheads 7"
-new Razorheads CS
-Combat Zone LP
-Flowers In The Attic LP
-Execute and Screaming Sneakers restocks
+ much more!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Nostalgium Directive Releases: Population & Hollow Sunshine 7"s

Alas, not all of us can run labels with outputs as prolifically as Adam's (read: my last release was the Wildhoney 7" in September 2013), but I'm stoked on how well both those records came out, both sonically and visually.

Please note that the special Population packaging is en route to me and I will ship any orders including that 7" as soon as they arrive-- rest assured that everything else is assembled and looking and sounding gorgeous.

Distros, feel free to drop us a line about wholesale at

Without any further ado, catalog descriptions and necessary linkage!

Artist: Population
Album: Relic/Mourning Dawn 7"
Release: 2014
Label: Nostalgium Directive


1. Relic
2. Mourning Dawn

Chicago's Population channel a citywide darkness with this pair of atmospheric post-punk tracks. "Relic" cruises at a steady, menacing pace as vocalist Keelan McMorrow laments a lost love.  On "Mourning Dawn," the band locks in a steady groove as keyboards inject French coldwave lushness into the band's Manchester-inspired minimalism.  In perfect accompaniment, the record comes packaged in a hand-assembled/-stamped/-embossed reliquary envelope designed by McMorrow.

Buy Here
Download Here

Artist: Hollow Sunshine
Album: Cold Truth/I Wandered
Release: 2014
Label: Nostalgium Directive


1. Cold Truth
2. I Wandered

Versatile visual artist Reuben Sawyer (Destruction Unit, Chelsea Wolfe, GAG, Deafheaven) and vocalist Morgan Enos follow their 2013 debut LP with even catchier explorations of their drone/shoegaze/pop amalgam.  Fans of Jesu and Hum will rejoice in the beautiful contrast of Sawyer's downtuned guitar mass with Enos' subdued, earnest vocal melodies as the duo meander pleasantly through two songs of helplessness, departure and relief. The record includes an exclusive woven patch designed by Sawyer.

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Download Here


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Upcoming Nostalgium Directive release preview: Population + streams

In addition to the aforementioned 7” from drone-pop duo Hollow Sunshine, we’re proud to announce we’ll also be releasing a single with Chicago post-punk quintet Population. You can jam the A-side, “Relic,” here. Both records will be available in early July.

The b-side to the Hollow Sunshine Cold Truth single, “I Wandered,” can be streamed here. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you like Jesu and Hum, there’s a high likelihood you’ll dig this.

Many thanks to Oliver Sheppard and Andy O’Connor for their interest and kind words. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dripper World NYC

Greetings! Just hear to spread the word of a cool new venture here in NYC, this time by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Murderer, son of the Units, etc.), who has opened up his own shop in his native Brooklyn, Dripper World. What is Dripper World, exactly? It's a place to find general NYC punk ephemera, but lots of things like t-shirts of NYC (and other) bands. The kind of stuff I get emailed about but don't like doing mailorder for haha. Anyway, it's a really great store, so if you're ever in the area, but sure to check it out!

Dripper World is open 2–8 p.m. Friday through Sunday in the Flea Market Alleyway at 867 Broadway, Brooklyn.

Reed (user bigdogs) wrote a Village Voice article about Dripper World that you can check out here: