Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Wharf Cat Release: The Ukiah Drag - In The Reaper's Quarters LP

Artist: The Ukiah Drag
Album: In The Reaper's Quarters LP
Release: 2014
Label: Wharf Cat


1. Intro
2. Her Royal Grip
3. The Rat's Waltz (Redux)
4. Final Prayer
5. Drip From The Fang
6. Wait And See
7. Night Of Immaculacy

STANDING IN THE PISSING RAIN MUST BE A DRAG: Recorded in a secularized Lutheran temple off the banks of the Hudson River, Ukiah Drag's new LP In the Reaper's Quarters (produced by Ben Greenberg) is fine projection of basement rumination finding temptation in the halls of an ex-God. Straddling the church balcony, licking the scum off stained glass, crooked steeples refracting moonlight and blood…There is no erasure of the Satanic ego as it the Drag moves onto new spiritual drippings. While the band's Dirt Trip single was hard but not necessarily unforgiving, In the Reaper's Quarters is a hellish maw that chews up tired rock and post punk tropes only to reanimate them in other austere and lonely offices. You may chew on its bones and swallow its scales but they'll cling to your pockmarked soul indeed.

Pulsating organs strobe their way through flattening riffs and creep beats; on many tracks the listener will hear a sex-crazed baby grand slinking sinfully into the reaper's pit. Their rendition of Lee Hazlewood's "Wait and See" will break the emotional turnstiles of many a troglodyte. This is a widow-making full length that marks and culminates every player's previous efforts to a blunt and remorseless tee. For fans of the violent prose of Harry Crews, Bobby Beausoleil's score of LUCIFER RISING, and the hallowed walls of Chateau Marmont. 


New Katorga Works Release: Weed Hounds - Self Titled LP

Artist: Weed Hounds
Album: Self Titled LP
Release: 2014
Label: Katorga Works


1. Harbor
2. Destination Of Choice
3. At Night
4. Best Deli
5. Heather W
6. Mono
7. Leaf
8. Mystic Cave Zone
9. Private Life
10. Swell

And now, a post that may come as a complete surprise (or even shock) to many who remember them, but the Weed Hounds LP is FINALLY out!! Around five years in the making, Weed Hounds has finally completed their debut full length. This album perfectly captures their phenomenal blend of classic-era shoegaze and 90s indie pop a la the legendary Slumberland Records. Unlike a majority of their peers at the time, Weed Hounds was able to create something far more extraordinary than the usual, tepid nugaze or faux-twee pop that littered the indie world. Instead, Weed Hounds stands above the pack with a superior recording courtesy of Ben Greenberg and, most importantly, a songwriting ability that exhibits a clear understanding of what this style of music was meant to be.

To be perfectly honest, there were points in time over the years where neither the band nor us thought this record would see the light of day, so we're ecstatic to announce that it's finally ready for public consumption and that it's as special we have been hoping it would be all these years.

This is for sale now with the new Ukiah Drag LP on Wharf Cat Records, as well as a huge distro update featuring the following: 

The Ukiah Drag - In the Reaper's Quarters LP
The Ukiah Drag - Jazz Mama Is Cryin 12" restock
Hank Wood - Stay Home LP restock (last 1st press copies)
Cheena - All the Cheena Money Can Buy CS
Mad Dog - Demo CS
Heathen - Demo CS
Ivy - Public Demonstration CS (2nd demo)
Ivy - S/T CS (tape version of the 12")
Evil Spells, Vol. 1 LP (essential black metal comp)
Mystic Inane - Deep Creep 7" (we have some limited white version copies!)
Brown Sugar - Chocolate City 7" flexi
Nomad - Toxic State 12" on cassette
Aspects of War - Presence of Death 7" on cassette
NUTS #14 zine
A bunch of Eugene Terry zines
+ a bunch more!

This also marks the first of many updates to come with the webstore as the Katorga Works distro grows bigger and bigger and begins to include more and more NYC punk ephemera, not just records! You'll see some of the crazy new stuff soon enough! We've moved into an office space and there's even an additional employee, so we'll be much more efficient now, as well.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Greetings, everyone! Here to post to tell you about a cool site called FUCK HEADS that features lots of cool polaroids taken at NYC shows. This site is constantly updated.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Upcoming KW release preview: Face The Rail new LP

We here are Katorga Works are proud to announce to the new LP of San Francisco's Face The Rail, one of our favorite Bay Area bands. Here's a preview track:

This record is slated for release on October 4th in conjunction with their tour of the U.S. and Canada.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Video Disease Releases: Sterilized, Iron Youth, The Flex, Stoic Violence, Pretty P

Artist: Sterilized
Album: Chemical Dust 7"
Release: 2014
Label: Video Disease Records


1. Freedom Rides
2. Back To The Grind
3. Chemical Dust
4. Days Of Rage

The English may have invented it, but as always, the Americans perfected it. Blazing, brutal, USHC influenced D-Beat from Olympia. 4 songs of in your face P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. Every record comes in a custom d-beat style sleeve and on illustrious white vinyl.

Released simultaneously along with a 7" on the almighty Warthog Speak label.

Download Here
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Artist: Iron Youth
Album: S/T
Release: 2014
Label: Video Disease Records


1. New Skin
2. Elude
3. Disconnect
4. Fifth Column
5. Bite Back

Debut 7" from this Austin, TX outfit that shares members of Glue and Institute. Although they may share members with those bands, they do not share sounds.

Iron Youth is a massive, nasty, sweat-filled stinking sock of ugly, bottom-feeding hardcore. Think No Trend if they were more suicidal and were bred on a diet of early 80's USHC.

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Artist: The Flex
Album: Wild Stabs In The Dark
Release: 2014
Label: Video Disease Records/Milk Run Records


1. Intro
2. Wild Stabs In The Dark
3. Under The Knife
4. Bloodsucker
5. The New Blood
6. Left To Die
7. The Herd
8. Blind Eye
9. Waste My Time
10. W.D.N.Y.
11. Bad Faith

The Flex have been tearing up the fucking world the past few years after their debut 7" on Video Disease/Milk Run. They show NO signs of slowing down with their LP "Wild Stabs In The Dark". Ten Songs of incredible early 80's UK meets late 80's NYHC.

The Flex are part of the new breed of UKHC, and Wild Stabs In The Dark is a milestone in this new sound and in this new age.

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Artist: Stoic Violence
Album: Chained
Release: 2014
Label: Video Disease Records/Deranged Records


1. Chained
2. No Escape
3. Abused
4. Choke
5. Two Faced
6. When Will It End?
7. Cut Down/Empty Inside

The final document from Southern California hardcore workhorse Stoic Violence. Eight songs that took over 2 years to craft and execute. Unrelenting, angry, unbridled USHC the way it was meant to be played.

The band disintegrated at the end of their east coast tour with NO amid tensions, back stabbing, and pure unbridled anger. This LP is their final testament. You can hear and feel the tension in every note, in every snarled worth being spewed forth.

Artwork by Alexander Heir and Heather Benjamin.

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Artist: Pretty P
Album: Soft Love/In A Well
Release: 2014
LabelL Video Disease Records


1. Soft Love
2. In A Well

Debut cassingle from Los Angeles based performer and member of Stupid Life, Pretty P. Two songs of haunting, melancholy shoegaze mixed with electronic elements to create a whirlwind of loneliness and depression. Each song has been expertly crafted by an artist who has been studying and playing for years, finally deciding to submerge from the underground with his first physical release.

A true testament to the power of true, raw emotion. Both songs gush out despair, longing, and, ultimately, sadness.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Toxic State Release: Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - Stay Home LP

Artist: Hank Wood And The Hammerheads
Album: Stay Home
Release: 2014
Label: Toxic State


1. The Ghost
2. In Bookings
3. Neurosis
4. This World Is Beat
5. I Thought I Was A Good Man
6. (What's So Bad About A) Bad Idea
7. Nervous City
8. These Chains
9. Shook And Hungry
10. In Space

While the NYC hardcore punk scene has continued to develop and produce some of the highest quality music transcending hype or trend, it's still easy to pinpoint which record stands as the pinnacle of this current scene: Hank Wood And The Hammerheads' debut LP, Go Home. Certainly well-received when it initially came out, it began to take on a legendary status as time elapsed. It was the one punk record that everyone seemed to know and garnered universal love, transcending not only punks' fan base, but the genre itself. It's gone on to sell about five thousand copies, which is not only an insane amount for a purely DIY punk record, but even rivals and surpasses numbers of the music industry and the indie rock war machine.

So, how does a band follow up the most acclaimed record of the year? Well, by releasing a better record, silly! Hammerheads clearly put more thought (not always a good thing, mind you) and energy into the writing and recording of this record. While less immediately accessible as the first record (which is both heightened and hurt by its lo-fi production), Stay Home's is lushly (in punk terms) produced, courtesy of the warm analog sound of Side Two Studios. In addition, each song is an actual song, whereas the first record seemed more like a collection of chanted lyrics, which instantly made them fan favorites. The band has but more energy into lyrics and song structure and it has paid off. This means Stay Home is an almost entirely different beast than Go Home, which was completely necessary and makes both records perfect in their own ways. Lyrically, this record is far more foreboding and ominous, with paranoia of "the ghost" looming over many of the songs, creating a heavier atmosphere than Go Home.

Like many, I had been singing the praises of such (deservedly) hyped releases, such as the Tercer Mundo 12" or Cold World LP, as being the best hardcore/punk full-length of the year, but then I heard this and changed my tune instantly. Sure, the year's not over and there are some heavy hitters still to come (such as the Anasazi LP, which will cement their status as one of the best America bands), but I think it's safe to say that this is the best record of the year. With Stay Home, I haven't had the two years I've had with Go Home, but I'm already starting to feel like this is a record that will ultimately be my favorite of the two.

Download Here
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NOTE: The cover art is just a bad scan, it doesn't look that bad! It actually looks incredible.