Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Nostalgium Directive release preview: A Heart in the Stillness

After much ado, I'm super stoked to announce A Heart in the Stillness' debut LP, From Here We'll Watch the Dawn. Isaac Aubrey has long been active in Seattle's DIY/punk scene and this record contains a collection of work whose origins date back some twenty years in the case of a few tracks. If you're into neofolk, Nick Drake or early Cure, this might be up your alley. It's limited to 300 copies and comes in a hand-screened matte-finish jacket (courtesy of Print's Not Dead) and polylined sleeve with a double-sided, poster-sized insert and a download code.

You can stream "A Wound for Everyone" below. If you're so inclined, you can also preorder the album from our webstore, too.  From Here We'll Watch the Dawn drops February 3rd.

Stream here
Preorder here


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Katorga Works Release: Cairo Pythian - Touched LP

Artist: Cairo Pythian
Album: Touched
Release: 2014


1. The World Is Mine, Too
3. Yesterday's Make Up
4. Asexual Cake
5. Gone Fishin'
6. Come Be With Me
7. Ruckman's Boogie
8. Down For The Crown
9. My Pal Renfield
10. Forbidden Days
11. Playboi Blues
12. Terrible Thing

Olympia's Cairo Pythian has long been a hidden master of depraved synth pop and his new LP, Touched is his masterpiece. Swimming in New Wave, Industrial, and even heavy, pulpy Britpop influences, Cairo emerges from the murky depths of early Human League as a violently heterosexual Soft Cell.

To be blunt, this LP is probably the most excited I've been with a new Katorga Works release in a long time and it's an authentic portal to a time we all wished we had experienced. Get touched.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

California Straight Edge (New Brigade, Enough Said, Discrepancy, Response)

Southern California straight edge has always been a vibrant and exciting movement, dating back to the days of Chain of Strength, Justice League, Unity, Uniform Choice, and many more. The latest breed of straight edge bands have been around for a minute, but proper releases are finally starting to bubble up. Couple this with amazing attendance at recent local shows and a all of the new bands spearheading the next wave, it's an incredibly exciting time in Southern California.

Artist: New Brigade
Album: Join The Brigade
Release: 2014
Label: Six Feet Under


1. Not For The Weak
2. Join The Brigade
3. Unheard
4. Ignorant Ways
5. Substance Abuse Is A Coward's Excuse
6. Up/Down
7. Stand Alone
8. Lost Cause

New Brigade has been around for quite some time, and this record has been in the works for about 2 years. It's been worth the wait as the production and song writing on this record is fully realized and captivating, I love how thick and full everything sounds. This isn't your typical youth crew record; although it pays homage to the sounds of the late 80's it also has a very distinct and hard-hitting early NYHC sound to it. The lyrics have a positive slant to them but they manage to stay off of the Boy Scout side of things. Recently released on Six Feet Under on a bunch of different colors, I gotta say this is a STRONG effort from New Brigade.

Download Here
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Artist: Enough Said
Album: Heritage Day
Release: 2014
Label: Thick Skin/Fight 'Em All


1. Habitual Hazards
2. The Fence
3. No Excuses
4. Heritage Day
5. Common Thread

Hailing from the hell that is Placentia, CA (I hate it there), Enough Said have been a band for years but are finally starting to become more active. Their Heritage Day 7" is a triumph in the Southern California scene because it just took so damn long to come out. I LOVE this record. Dirty and gritty Boston/NYHC worship with a distinct Southern California flair with an out of control caveman for a vocalist. Voice cracks and incredibly tough riffs swirl around to create an enjoyable moshable chaos. Enough Said have only played a handful of times, but one of their live shows is something to behold as the singer strips off his shirt and proceeds to harass and decimate anyone that stands in his way. Enough Said may have been around for a long time but they are just now entering their prime and Heritage Day is a very worthy entry in the USHC world.

Artist: Discrepancy
Album: Where The Strength Lies Demo
Release: 2014
Label: Self Released


1. Our Discrepancy
2. Ignorance Must End
3. Where The Strength Lies
4. Unjust Supremacy

Discrepancy is the brain child of Nick Evans of Soul Search/New Brigade paying homage to the classic OCHC bands he grew up listening to. Shades of Hard Stance and Against The Wall can be seen throughout the entire demo, especially in the lyrics and vocal delivery. Like New Brigade the lyrics hold a more positive slant with songs like "Ignorance Must End" it's clear that Nick wants people to actually THINK about the songs and not just sing along without any meaning behind the words. Fiercely straight edge with something to prove, this demo shows tons of promise.

To buy, email nickbrigade[at]gmail[dot]com

Artist: Response
Album: Demo 2014
Release: 2014
Label: Video Disease/Fineprint


1. In My Way
2. Dropout
3. There's No Choice
4. Won't Be Stopped

Possibly the newest straight edge band in Southern California and one that I am a part of. Conceived by guitar player Madison of Enough Said/Fury, this is straight up Youth of Today worship with some AF/NA influence thrown into the mix. My friend Colin described the sound of Response as a "Youth crew Bastard" and I don't know if I would call that comparison completely unjustified. Lyrically Response is perhaps the most negative band on the list with lyrics ranging from selling out beliefs to not being stopped to not having any other choice BUT being straight edge. Features current members of Disapproval, Enough Said and local unrecorded favorites Slammers and ex-members of Stoic Violence and In Control.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Din - S/T CS

Artist: Din
Album: S/T
Release: 2015
Label: Rapid Void


1. Pools At My Feet
2. Between Two Buildings
3. Saturate
4. Soothsayer

Bubbling up from Los Angeles come the haunting and catatonic sounds of DIN. Formed by husband and wife duo Gregory and Josie Vand, they have been captivating listeners and audiences with their pulsating rhythms. Get lost in DIN.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New York's Alright 2015


By jove, here we are again, ashamed to announce the third and final year of New York's Alright. This festival will be taking place Friday, April 17th, 2015 through Sunday, April 19th, 2015 at various venues around the brunch-friendly city of New York in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. We will be bringing together some of the best bands in contemporary DIY punk and hardcore from different parts of the world for your mild enjoyment.

Here is the list of bands that will be playing:

Ajax (NYC)
Anasazi (NYC)
Aspects of War (Boston)
Bad Noids (Cleveland)
Blood Pressure (Pittsburgh)
Condominium (Minneapolis)
Contingent (Boston)
Freak Vibe (Seattle)
Glue (Austin)
Gowanus Mutant Komandos (NYC)
Herätys (Mälmo)
Isterismo (Tokyo)
Kromosom (Melbourne)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (NYC)
La Misma (NYC)
Mommy (NYC)
Mystic Inane (New Orleans)
Nandas (NYC)
Pure Disgust (DC)
Raw Distractions (Tokyo)
Sadist (Boston)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia)
Tapehead (Rotchester)
Urbanoia (Oslo)
Vanity (NYC)
Warhead (Kyoto)
Warthog (NYC)
2x4 (Boston)
+ a few more bands we are firming up, but are about confirmed.

Tickets for the main shows go on sale on Valentine's Day (Saturday, February 14). Unlike previous years, we will be providing presale tickets for the after shows in order to curb the chaos surrounding them. There will be no presale tickets for the matinee show. Full show information including venues and lineups will be announced a week before tickets go on sale. Like last year, there will be a slew of smaller, unofficial shows happening before and during the fest, including post-punk aftershows that will make any good goth cry. Those will be announced when the full fest lineups are announced.

If you would like to follow updates on the fest on Facebook, you can do so at this link:

Lastly, if you would like to contact the fest organizers, please do so at Please note, the fest is completely booked, so do not email us about your band playing, unless you are in Gauze.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Katorga Works Releases: Vanity LP, Ajax 7", Deformity 7"

Artist: Vanity
Album: Vain In Life LP
Release: 2014


1. Can't Be Bothered
2. Bit 'N Turned Rabid
3. Might Trumps Thought
5. You Don't Know?
6. Off Ya Go
7. Got No Bite
8. Bal Des Ardents
9. Fuck Right Off
10. Face It
11. The King Drinks
12. New York City

Debut LP from the NYC street rock band of Evan Radigan and Colman Durkee. This record follows in the tradition of the genre's great forebearers of melodic, yet dirty and driving rock 'n' roll-inspired oi. FFO: Red Alert, the Templars, and dove-shovin'.

Artist: Ajax
Album: S/T 7"
Release: 2014


1. Intro/Drag Down
2. Escape
3. Gunman
5. Burn It

Debut 7" from NYC's best new hardcore punk band. Taking the blueprint of blistering USHC with riffs reminiscent of Swedish classics like Totalitär and one of the most powerful vocalists going today, Ajax have quickly become one of the most interesting contemporary hardcore bands.

Artist: Deformity
Album: S/T 7"
Release: 2014
Label: Toxic State/Katorga Works


1. Fracture
2. Bug

Fully embracing the esoteric guitar parts that have set them apart from their peers in the past few years, Deformity's second record is the culmination of five years of existence of one of NYC's more unique bands. This newest single serves as the purest representation of their brand of noisy hardcore punk. Mission complete.

A split release with Toxic State.