Saturday, June 27, 2015

Upcoming Nostalgium Directive Release preview: Nostalgist

As you may recall, ND's first release some two-plus years ago was the Nostalgist 7" EP. Now, at long last, the debut full-length, Of Loves and Days Ago, will be released simultaneous to our West Coast tour that kicks off in Seattle on July 10th. Time constraints have meant that the first release format will be CD, but 1) the packaging is going to be amazing-- letterpressed silver ink on black chipboard by Demian Johnston of Great Falls, Playing Enemy, Undertow and many more-- and 2) vinyl and tape versions are absolutely on the way in the coming months, each with their own exclusive goodies.

There's a solidly varied blend of shoegaze, post-punk, and heavy riffing on this record, but the leadoff track "Pull of the Plow," which you can stream below, is pretty heavy on The Chameleons, Lowlife, Hum and Siamese Dream. I know it's not exactly similar to the latest and greatest NYC punk stuff, but I hope you like it if you have a chance to listen.

Preorder here


Friday, July 10 - Tour Kickoff/Album Release show @ Barboza, Seattle, WA w/ VibraGun and Winnebago

Saturday, July 11 - Portland, OR @ Rotture w/Spirit Host, TBA

Sunday, July 12 - Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s w/Paleons, Satsuma, Entresol

Monday, July 13 - Sacramento, CA @ Press Club w/Number Station, Fifi, Color of Closure

Tuesday, July 14 - San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock w/Lotus Thief, Whatfunlifewas

Wednesday, July 15 - Long Beach, CA @ Third Eye Records w/Crisis Arm, Cruelty Code

Thursday, July 16 - Los Osos, CA @ Sweet Springs Saloon w/Hollow Sunshine, Paperman, Crisis Arm

Friday, July 17 - Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita w/Crisis Arm (Part Time Punks)


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mommy - Demo CS

Artist: Mommy
Album: Demo CS
Release: 2014
Label: Electric Assault Records


1. Hospital Friends
2. How To Act At Funerals
3. Jade
4. Tiny Dancer
5. E.O.C.
6. Mommy

Mommy is a new NYC punk band featuring members of bands we all knew and loved, but I don't want to define them based on their pedigree alone. Unfortunately for you, as a reader, their sound is difficult for me (or anyone) to nail down very easily. It captures the insanity of the best noisecore or noise punk, but not the song structure or tropes of that genre. Vocal patterns resemble old anarcho punk, but it's not that either. Either way, despite what you might think about the name, this band is far from a joke and the lyrical content is some of the darkest I've heard in a long time. Let's just say I'm glad I spent my youth in my basement playing video games and not getting shifted around the country, psych ward to psych ward.

Either way, this is the best NYC punk demo I've heard in a long time and, despite its abrasive nature, I behoove you to become intimate with you. If you desire more Mommy, you're in luck as the band is preparing for a 7" on Toxic State later this year.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Nostalgium Directive Release: A Heart in the Stillness - From Here We'll Watch the Dawn

Artist: A Heart in the Stillness
Album: From Here We'll Watch the Dawn
Release: 2015
Label: Nostalgium Directive


1. Reflect the Old World and Disappear
2. A Wound for Everyone
3. In Preparation
4. True Sight
5. Hidden Laws of Providence
6. An Act of Will
7. The Voices Mingle
8. When I Finally Reach the Sea
9. Old Skin
10. In Closing

This LP is Nostalgium Directive's first full-length vinyl release, and I'm immensely stoked on it. If you're into neofolk stuff, Nick Drake, or early Cure, I think you'll be into this as well.

Press text:
"On From Here We'll Watch the Dawn, Seattle native Isaac Aubrey channels diverse influences such as Nick Drake, early Cure and neofolk, but filters them through an outlook and spirit entirely his own. Armed with little more than voice, acoustic guitar, dreamy synth and sparse percussion, Aubrey pens evocative, dark folk songs to fight through the difficulties of life instead of wallowing. His weathered voice and observant lyrics achieve contemplation without narcissism and depth without pretension. From the stark lament of  'A Wound for Everyone' to the loving ode of 'Hidden Laws of Providence' to the cathartic passage of 'Old Skin,' conviction and wisdom flow abundantly throughout the album's concise runtime.

The record is limited to 300 copies, and is packaged in a screenprinted matte-finish jacket with a polylined inner sleeve, a double-sided, poster-sized insert and a download code."

Download Here
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

New York's Alright 2015 Lineups

Here are the lineups for the fest shows:

-Friday, April 17th
Blazing Eye
Pure Disgust
@ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street)
New York, NY
6pm, $25, All Ages

-Friday, April 17th
Aspects of War
+ a special guest
@ The Acheron (57 Waterbury Street)
Brooklyn, NY
Aftershow, $15, 18+

-Saturday, April 18th
Mystic Inane
Freak Vibe
@ ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street)
New York, NY
2pm, $10, All Ages

-Saturday, April 18th
La Misma
Blood Pressure
@ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street)
New York, NY
6pm, $25, All Ages

-Saturday, April 18th
Sheer Mag
Bad Noids
Gowanus Mutant Komandos
@ The Acheron (57 Waterbury Street)
Brooklyn, NY
Aftershow, $15, 18+

-Sunday, April 19th ("BBQ & Flea Market")
Dawn of Humans
Raw Distractions
+ 1 new local band without a name yet
@ The Wick
Brooklyn, NY (260 Meserole St)
4pm, $25, All Ages

Here are the lineups for the unofficial shows:

-Thursday, April 16th (DanO's Birthday Bash!)
Party Plates
+ a special guest
@ The Acheron (57 Waterbury Street)
Brooklyn, NY
8pm, $20, 18+

-Friday, April 17th
13th Chime
Rule of Thirds
@ St. Vitus Bar (1120 Manhattan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY
Aftershow, $20, 21+

-Saturday, April 18th
Part 1
Pleasure Leftists
@ St. Vitus Bar (1120 Manhattan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY
Aftershow, $20, 21+

+ there will definitely be more unofficial shows done by locals around this time and we will update you when they are confirmed.

Advanced ticket links will be posted on February 14th. Locals, we will have tickets for sale at Heaven Street Records (184 Noll Street) in Bushwick. Act fast, we expect shows to sell out quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be doing advanced tickets for all aftershows in order to curb the chaos surrounding them from previous years. You will have no need to leave main shows early and get aftershows shut down by lining up outside of them for hours. There will be NO tickets at the door for these shows, they will only be sold online or in person at Heaven Street for locals.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Nostalgium Directive release preview: A Heart in the Stillness

After much ado, I'm super stoked to announce A Heart in the Stillness' debut LP, From Here We'll Watch the Dawn. Isaac Aubrey has long been active in Seattle's DIY/punk scene and this record contains a collection of work whose origins date back some twenty years in the case of a few tracks. If you're into neofolk, Nick Drake or early Cure, this might be up your alley. It's limited to 300 copies and comes in a hand-screened matte-finish jacket (courtesy of Print's Not Dead) and polylined sleeve with a double-sided, poster-sized insert and a download code.

You can stream "A Wound for Everyone" below. If you're so inclined, you can also preorder the album from our webstore, too.  From Here We'll Watch the Dawn drops February 3rd.

Stream here
Preorder here


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Katorga Works Release: Cairo Pythian - Touched LP

Artist: Cairo Pythian
Album: Touched
Release: 2014


1. The World Is Mine, Too
3. Yesterday's Make Up
4. Asexual Cake
5. Gone Fishin'
6. Come Be With Me
7. Ruckman's Boogie
8. Down For The Crown
9. My Pal Renfield
10. Forbidden Days
11. Playboi Blues
12. Terrible Thing

Olympia's Cairo Pythian has long been a hidden master of depraved synth pop and his new LP, Touched is his masterpiece. Swimming in New Wave, Industrial, and even heavy, pulpy Britpop influences, Cairo emerges from the murky depths of early Human League as a violently heterosexual Soft Cell.

To be blunt, this LP is probably the most excited I've been with a new Katorga Works release in a long time and it's an authentic portal to a time we all wished we had experienced. Get touched.