Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead 7"

Artist: Crazy Spirit
Album: I'm Dead 7"
Release: 2011
Label: Mata La Musica Discos


1. I'm Dead
2. This World Is Not My Home
3. Knives

The Crazy Spirit I'm Dead 7" is the first release of new material by this gaggle of NYC local toughs since their much-heralded debut 7" of last year. Despite this being put out by the LA based Mata La Musica Discos, the physical record is similar in quality and style to Crazy Spirit's wonderful first 7" and keeps up the matted, inky Toxic State look.

The signature Crazy Spirit gallop blazes through these three songs in the fashion we all know (and love). "I'm Dead" is a hold-over from the band's demo but is recorded with new loudness and intensity that brings out the haunting, sustained guitar that makes this band a tasty oasis in the raw punk desert. "This World Is Not My Home" (my favorite track) is definitely the most sincere Crazy Spirit track to date. The lyrics, I've heard, are borrowed or altered from a Christian spiritual or folk song but when combined with this churning, longer jam make it classic. Really creepy though, as the vocals and lyrics ask you to join their singer in a voyage to an alternate plane. "Knives" blasts through in just over a minute with a mournful lead.

An excellent, very dark record.

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icoulddietomorrow said...

I think the B-side is their best material thus far. A+


Tamara Waite-Santibanez said...

"Tasty oasis"

Anonymous said...

Is this the right speed?

icoulddietomorrow said...

They rerecorded "I'm Dead" at a faster pace.

Colman said...

Tamara, you wanna' go check it out?

Wizago said...

This thing smokes! I wanna say "This World is Not My Home" is a Blind Lemon Jefferson tune, but I think it's just that the lyrics are similar. These dudes can do no wrong in my book.

Butchered Noise said...

Great Post!

Mata La Musica Discos

Butchered Noise said...

Thanks for posting my comment. Sorry that you don't like MLM Discos. Hope we can release more stuff you like from the label you hate.

P.S. I miss the east coast.


icoulddietomorrow said...


I think Colman meant that despite being released on ANOTHER label other than Toxic State, that the covers are made the exact same way (since they screen everything themselves). I know for a fact that Colman likes Mundo Muerto a lot and I can't wait for the Bi-Marks LP. A misunderstanding! No hate at all.


Butchered Noise said...

Alex!! Yeah I remember you told me hahah...I read this and did not know what it meant but it was cool either way hahah . I love your blog you guys!! Bi-Marks killed it down here this weekend and the LP is a killer one. Alex and Coleman keep up the hardwork! Katorga Works!

icoulddietomorrow said...

Haha It's Adam not Alex, but thanks! I appreciate the good words and I'll actually be emailing you about getting some Bi-Marks LPs.


maksim said...

Finally picked this record up recently when my band played with crazy spirit and hoax. killer 7"!