Monday, September 19, 2011

Katorga Works: Hoax and Avon Ladies 7" represses


We are proud to announce that we have repressed both the Avon Ladies - Guns & Gold 7" and the Hoax 7". These sold out too fast last time, so now is your chance to get copies yet again! Actually, the two bands will be playing together on Hoax's upcoming tour with Neo Cons, where they will both have copies of this 7", as well as a new 7" on Youth Attack. Be sure to check them out if you were on that side of the country:

Sept 28th - San Francisco, CA at Submission w/ Gehenna, Cardboard Funeral, Neighborhood Brats
Sept 29th - Riverside, CA at Division 9, (3850 Lemon St) w/ Knife Fight, Harness, Dissapproval
Sept 30th - Las Vegas, NV at The Aruba (1215 Las Vegas Boulevard South)
Oct 1st - Phoenix, AZ w/ Avon Ladies, & more (Venue TBA soon)
Oct 2nd - Long Beach, CA at Que Sera, w/ Low Places, Nasa Space Universe, Francis Harold & the Holograms.
Oct 3rd - Bakersfield, CA at Munoz Gym w/ On Parade, Carciogenz, No Funeral
Oct 4th - San Francisco, CA at Hemlock Tavern w/ Yadokai

We at Katorga Works also have what is possibly our largest distro update, so be sure to check that out, as well. Lots of cool stuff and a few NYC exclusives...BUY BUY BUY.

Distros and stores, please email us to discuss wholesale on Avon Ladies. Unfortunately, due to the small amount of copies of the repress, the Hoax 7" is available for mailorder only.


Hope you enjoy!

-Adam & Colman

Upcoming Releases:

Merchandise 2nd LP
Natural Law LP
Warrior Kids - "Les enfants de l'espoir..." LP 30th Anniversary reissue
Weed Hounds LP


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could you post the waxahatchee s/t link? i can't find it anywhere

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i meant to say the american beauty lp

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I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Weed Hounds LP--please keep us updated! And yes, by 'us,' i mean all of us who live with sybil

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stop being a bunch of steers and poast or sumthing

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It will happen soon-ish, I promise

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Here in Greece everything goes straight to hell!! haha
At least let us have some good music!So post some good shit!!
I know you can,you've done it many times in the past!!