Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Merchandise - Es Muerte 7"

Artist: Merchandise
Album: Es Muerte 7"
Release: 2011
Label: Drugged Conscience


1. [Untitled Track]
2. Dallas (Silver Jews)

For Record Store Day 2011, mWerchanov and Drugged Conscience quietly dropped this newest piece of uniquely-Tampa kitsch. Limited to only 50 copies and intended for their RSD show with Blank Dogs. Apparently, Blank Dogs fans are idiots and most of these didn't actually sell at that show, but were made available for mailorder before selling out in a matter of hours. Obviously, most people won't be able to own this, so that's where we come in!

This release is very much so a Record Store Day release, the A-side being an original and the B-side being a Silver Jews cover. The untitled A-side is one of Merchandise's most challenging moments, a song based around a sample of a single guitar riff from Heresy side-project Meatfly. "I Locked the Door," this is not. It's Werch's most cacophonic moment. It took me a bit to come around to it, but once I did, I realized that there is a fully-formed and very rewarding song hidden underneath all the immediate clatter. Still, my favorite moment on the 7" is their inventive cover of Silver Jews' "Dallas." It's one of their finest moments as a band, a fragile pop gem with bubbling synths and Carson's punk crooning.

Who knows where Merchandise is headed to next, but both of their post-LP 7" singles have really blown me away and I absolutely cannot wait for their upcoming material. Until then, enjoy the digital version of this 7" and, if the most strikes you, watch the video the Werch Rockerz made of "Dallas."


Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Katorga Works Release: Hoax - Self Titled 7"

Artist: Hoax
Album: Self Titled 7"
Release: 2011


1. Fagget
2. Endgame
3. Dead Weight
4. Leech

We here at ICDT are proud to announce the Katorga Works release of debut 7" from Western Massachusetts ruffle duffs, Hoax. Following in line with their demo, this 7" includes 4 tracks of buzz-saw guitars, bludgeoning drums, and breakdowns that scream "kiss me on my bloody head." This record is officially and objectively "way better than the demo" both in terms of songs and sound. Featuring a new, punishing drummer. Art by Jaybo and E. Kohlman. Features a double-sided, six-panel fold out, 19.5" by 13" standard paperweight poster. A slick looking record.

This is a split release with the legendary Deranged Records in Canada. The band is also going on tour tomorrow, so, if they are coming to your city, be sure to go see them and pick up this record from them!

4/15 Cleveland w/ Salvation, Masakari, Flies, Leech Bed
4/16 Chicago w/ Raw Nerve, Salvation, The Ropes, Risk
4/17 St. Louis w/ Sweet Tooth, Cobrangutan
4/19 Columbus w/ Vile Gash
4/20 Pittsburgh w/ Drug Lust, Amarock, + more TBA
4/21 Detroit w/ Bad Indians, Telephone Callers, Curious Mystery
4/22 Toronto w/ School Jerks, Molested Youth, Total Trash
4/23 Syracuse w/ Shoppers, Hunger Pains, Lake Forest
We at Katorga Works also have a large distro update, featuring records from: Arctic Flowers, Bloodclot Faggots, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Cider, Death First, Francis Harold & the Holograms, Free Clinic, Gasmask Terror, Government Warning, GRIDS, Gun Outfit, Host, The Log Jammers, Low Threat Profile, Milk Music, Neo Cons, Night Birds, No Comment, No Comment, Nomad, Noose, Noveller, Picked Clean, Pig Heart Transplant, Pollution, Reckless Aggression, The Rival Mob, Ruined Families, School Jerks, Shock Value, Slobs, Sucked Dry, Sweet Tooth, Thieves, unFact, Warchildren, White Walls, Worlds, Yadokai.
Hope you enjoy!