Monday, October 1, 2012

Goosebumps - I Hate My Body 7"

Artist: Goosebumps
Album: I Hate My Body 7"
Release: 2012
Label: Burn Books


1. Goose Step
2. Mad Problems
3. I Don't Know, Shit/Needles
4. Jail Cell
6. Bitch/I Wanna Die

For those not in the know, Goosebumps is NYHC's new scumlords. I guess if you're from NYC these days, people will jock your band before hearing you recorded, as I saw about ten non-New Yorkers wearing Goosebumps shirts at the last Chaos in Tejas, which was amusing as the band didn't have anything out other than a promo tape of select songs from this 7" that the person would have had to have purchased at the same time as the shirt [Note: Calling you out Scott -/-!] Silly stuff, though the shirt did have an interesting image portraying some sort of illegal drug use that, while I can't condone, would surely be appealing to some to have on a t-shirt.

Still, no one had heard the band up until that point, but, finally, we all have a chance to hear them! This is their first release (other than the aforementioned promo tape, which sounds like shit due to the dubbing) and it's definitely worthy of the predetermined hype it was to receive. While the artwork (and crowd from which they are derived) may suggest that they have that signature Toxic State-sound, they are actually very straightforward NYHC-worship. Well, through the eyes of some 2012 city weirdos, so don't think you're getting Outburst here. Of course, you have your "mentally-damaged" singer that is necessary in the 2012 hardcore landscape, but something about Ray's presence manages to affect, which speaks volumes of his quality as both a live and recorded frontman. There are a few sections that I don't get down with on this 7", but songs like "Mad Problems" and "Street Scarred" more than make up for those. True bangers.

I do truly believe it is a bad idea for bands to skip demo recordings and jump straight to record and, at first, I wasn't sure I actually liked this release at all. I knew I really enjoyed them live, but something about the recording weirded me out. However, after about five more listens I got more into it and thoroughly enjoy it! For a first batch of songs from a band, this is awesome. Based on the talent levels/resume of this band, I know that their next batch of songs is going to be exponentially better, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Get the record while you still can, as it's worth it alone for both the watercolor cover and the "naive" insert. Fuck Bloomberg.

Download Here


P.S. Let it be known that I listened to nothing but Grimes during the writing of this review.


Scott said...

We played with em' once and I've seen em' like 3 or 4 times....AND I've been bugging you about getting me their newest jams. So yea, I bought the shirt I and I can fucking wear it.

icoulddietomorrow said...

hahahahahahaha touche!

and sorry I never sent you the mp3s til now I totally forgot


Anonymous said...

Can you plz upload their demo as well? Thx/Cheers!

icoulddietomorrow said...

As stated in the review, there is no demo.


Deed Runlea said...

fuck Bloomberg

Jkakob said...

hey i heard these guys are coming to the west coast, do you happen to know how i could contact them about playing in canada/if they're able to play in canada? thanks!

icoulddietomorrow said...

they canceled that tour, but they'll be doing a full U.S. tour, I'm pretty sure...