Monday, October 29, 2012

Hounds Of Hate - Cassette 2012

Album: Cassette 2012
Release: 2012
Label: BHF


1. Pound Of Flesh
2. Clean Today
3. Pride
4. Brotherhood Of Night [Demo]

Finally, Hounds Of Hate is well on their way to following up their 2011 No Redemption 7". The band has recently recorded a new LP that they let me listen to and, let me say, it straight rules. In conjunction with a really cool November tour they are departing on, they've released this promo tape to give everyone a taste of the new record.

Upon first listen, one will notice the jump in quality of these new songs from the 7". On this recording, the band has worked out several of the recording and songwriting kinks from the EP. First off, the band has learned not to overwrite their songs, which is something that plagued the 7" a bit. Gone also are some of the goofier structural elements in exchange for far more tasteful parts, all of which are enhanced by an overall better recording and mixing job. Just to rub it in our faces of how much they've improved their recording skills, they've rerecorded a hit ("Brotherhood Of Night") from their dreadfully-recorded demo and it's exponentially better.
These three new songs should get one very excited for the LP. And, just in case you thought the edge may have dulled a but, just listen to the always-tasteful "edgeman telling drug addict how it is" song of "Clean Today," which is one of my favorite songs on the LP and favorite on this tape. Honestly, my only complaint about this tape is that it lacks both an inventive cover song and Phil Anselmo stage banter.

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Be sure to check them out on their upcoming tour, as they're playing with some true heavyweights:

11/5 Indianapolis, IN @ Adams Pizza w/ Side FX and Blind Justice. 7pm, $5.

11/6 St. Louis, MO @ Blank Space on Cherokee w/ Overdoser and Mean Mug. 9pm, $5.
11/7 Hammond, IN @ Fifth Ammendment w/ 2 TBA. 8pm. $5. 21+.
11/8 Detroit, MI
@ Halfway House with Freedom, Stone Believer + a Special Guest
11/11 Toronto, ON (Not Dead Yet Fest) @ Hard Luck w/ The Rival Mob, The Boston Strangler, Urban Blight, Step Forward, Peacebreakers, and Demolition. $19.
11/12 Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Hoax, Slobs, Pregnancy Scares, and Vanishing Point. 8pm.
11/13 Portland, ME @ Prime on Thompson's Point w/ Strung Along and Swaath. 7pm, $5.
11/14 Boston, MA @ Trouble Ahead w/ Rampage, Peacebreakers. 7pm, $7.
11/15 Jersey City, NJ @ WFMU Radio Set
11/16 NYC @ 538 Johnson Ave w/ Goosebumps, Brain Slug, Ugly Parts (NJ) and Dipers. 8pm, $7.
11/17 Philadelphia @ the Barbary w/No Tolerance, Boston Strangler, World War 4, Fire & Ice, and Blind Justice. 3pm, $12.

11/18 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter: Break Away Record Release w/ Stick Together, Friend or Foe, Scene Report. 5pm



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