Friday, October 19, 2012

Shoxx - Demo CS

Artist: Shoxx
Album: Demo CS
Release: 2012

1. Dark Cylinder
2. Down The Toilet
3. Sludge Seed
4. Flunk

Finally, the new Pollution band has arrived. While extremely underappreciated during their three year existence (especially locally), Pollution was one of the premier live bands in all of NYC. Personally, I think their age (old-ass dudes) and their sound (not Crazy Spirit, pretty metal) didn't really help with their popularity. Still, both Sean (guitar) and Elsner (drums) were two of the most exciting players on their instruments in all the city (I consider Elsner to be the best drummer in the scene) and, fortunately, they're still playing together in this new project Shoxx with Will (bass) from Battletorn and Nate (vocals) from Nomos.

There is a similar quality to Pollution in Shoxx's sound, but things are slowed down and even played in weird time signatures. It's less bludgeoning than Pollution, but also more accessible at the same time? At least, that's what I think they're trying to go for, despite this being very inaccessible even for punk fans. Still, this is a band that spent months perfecting these four songs JUST for a demo release. Very professional, very unpunk. The effort shines through, as this release could easily be vinyl-worthy and sounds more put together than most bands' later material.

Shoxx is the real deal and I look forward to their next release, which I believe is happening on a really cool label that I'm not going to mention!



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Anonymous said...

as much as it bums me out, this isn't nearly as good as pollution.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE upload both new rational animals records. :>)

icoulddietomorrow said...

I will upload the Crossed Eyed Delights 7" when it is officially released. As for the Cowabunga 7", I need mp3s for that, which I don't have.