Friday, January 24, 2014

DiE - Self Titled 7"

Artist: DiE
Album: Self Titled 7"
Release: 2014


1. Life Is Hate
2. Futility
3. Choke
4. No Vision
5. Bodies
6. DiE

Over the past few years, more and more people have begun to take notice of the UK's rise in bands indebted to classic USHC and not so much beatdown or crust. Violent Reaction and the Flex have been riding the Xclaim!-wave as effectively as any American band (well, maybe not QUITE as well as the "New Scene" in Boston, but pretty damn well!), No and Perspex Flesh have made chaotic hardcore a threat again, and now there's DiE, whose debut 7" is actually my favorite UKHC release in recent memory.

The band was described to me as a mix of SSD and Discharge, perhaps with 75% of their sound owed to the former. While this band does owe some of its sound to classic Boston like Violent Reaction or the Flex, there's a certain outsider element not present in those bands that makes DiE stand on its own. Still, no matter how hard you try to set yourself apart from the pack, you pretty much can't be an effective hardcore band without caveman intensity and pit fodder. Perhaps it's the primordial ooze lyrics of "Life Is Hate" or even touch of weirdo 80's midwest hardcore-style that permeates the stomper-of-the-year "No Vision," but there's something really special about this band and this record and the way it can meld the best of the US and the UK. Let's hope their follow-up is just as good!

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Colin said...

I picked this up when I saw them play. Killer band. deffo one of my favourites from the uk scene.