Friday, February 14, 2014

New York's Alright 2014 Tickets ON SALE NOW

Tickets for all main shows are **ON SALE AT 4PM EASTERN TODAY (2/14).** There are no advance tickets for the matinee or after shows. They will be available at the below links and in person at Heaven Street Records (184 Noll Street at Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn). Locals are highly encouraged to pick up tickets in person as to give out of towners a chance to buy online, and because why the fuck wouldn't you want to go to Heaven Street anyways?

*A note to bands: you get into all the main shows for free, we will be contacting you about that soon, look out for an email.

*A note to friends: there are no guest lists for shows at New York's Alright. Unlike a lot of festivals, we make it a priority to let bands playing into shows for free, and there isn't room for more people after that. Don't ask us to let you in for free. Don't complain about it later if tickets sell out. Don't pose. NYC one love support the scene/ future vibrator.

-Thursday, April 17th
@ The Wick

-Friday, April 18th
@ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street)

-Saturday, April 19th
@ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street)

-Sunday, April 20th ("BBQ & Market")
@ The Wick


Mourning Glory said...

..Greetings from ScArizona..!!, Good MRR interview.. Up da punx baby !!, NIPL THE CAT !!!

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